get the ball rolling with "lumi and the dark nebula"


A new IP from Lunic Games

have a good time!

A classic 2D platformer on it's core, designed to be a joyful challenge, not a gauntlet of impossible jumps.

Platforming, with a Twist!

Take Lumi's planet core with you! Protect it, utilize it and solve puzzles with this ball-like gadget.

Embarck on a journey

Find out why the Universe is getting it's light stolen!

Play the DEMO online!

Who, What and When?

Lumi, our unlikely hero


Lumi is an astronomy-loving gecko that lives on his own asteroid. Lumi is very ingenious, and is always looking to craft a new gadget, like the Ring on it's tail, which can project images and utilize magnetic force fields.

The Planets' Cores


The Alara system has various planets, and each one reflects an aspect of life. However, the Core of each planet, the essence of their existence, has being infected with a misterious purple Nebula that steals their light. 

Play the demo at big festival 2019!


We will be attending BIG Festival 2019 in São Paulo, so drop by to play our Demo and tell us what you think!